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Member Name Susan Gratton
Date of Birth 06/25/1959
Gender Female
Location Beech Grove, Indiana
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    • I'm 50, unemployed, and single. Wow, what a combination! I quit my job in July after nine years. I just got burned out at the job, among other things. I live with my mother, otherwise, I'd be homeless, and I've been there, too. I was married for 9.5 years, but I've been divorced since 1995. I guess I don't get a second chance, because so far, I've had no callers. I've been writing since I was 14--I wrote my first "book" in 7th grade, entitled The Disappearance of Eliza Smith. I wrote it for extra credit, and I got an A+ on it. I still have it. I've been working on Copper's Bluff for awhile now, but I'm determined to finish it. I keep putting it down and picking it up. I'm looking for the day when I won't have to put it down anymore. I don't really care if it's a bestseller, just as long as it gets published. I want to leave something behind when I go. Something I'm proud of; something I can say I've done myself. My masterpiece. Something no one can take away from me.

        • I love to read as much as I love to write. Although I'm loyal to suspense/thriller/mysteries, I'll sometimes catch myself reading a romance. I also read westerns. I also read non-fiction, and someday I'd like to dabble in non-fiction for publication.

        • Titanic is my favorite(the one by James Cameron), I also like E.T., The Goonies, The Best Years of Our Lives, Shirley Temple films, White Christmas, Holiday Inn, all those old black and white movies of the 40's and 50's--those were the days I wish I had known. Back to the Future(all of them). Too many to list.

        • Although I currently listen to country, I like all kinds of music--pop, rock, rap, classical. I guess you could say I love the culture of music. Music is another constant in my life.

        • Of course I watch CSI, Law and Order SVU, Cold Case Files, Without a Trace, CSI Miami, and one of my favs--NCIS

        • ODMP(Officer Down Memorial Page), NLEOMF(National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund), this website,

        • I like photography, building models, doing cross-stitch, building puzzles, gardening, checking out the local flea markets, and antique malls, and I love celebrating holidays

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