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Member Name Michael Penn
Date of Birth 08/17/1975
Gender Male
Location Finland
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    • Originally from England, and the youngest of four siblings; I grew up with an almost entirely female dominated family.
      I quickly learned to escape into a world of Science fiction and fantasy.
      I now live in Finland with my fiancee and two Guinea pigs; enjoying the snow, scenery, and the quite interesting language barrier; and where I find that I am again surrounded by my Fiancee's almost entirely female dominated family - Still, you've got to laugh....

        • Authors - Stephen King, Stephen Lawhead, Dean Koontz, Terry Pratchett, Bernard Cornwell, David Eddings, J R R Tolkien, Douglas Adams + more to come

        • Inception, The Lord of the Rings Trilology, Avatar, Star Wars (Entire saga), Indiana Jones, and more

        • I'm kind of versatile.... I like all types of music, from Eminem to Bryan Adams (Metal, and pop included - yep.... sad) John Williams, and Murray Gold Rock!! :)

        • The Mentalist, Black Adder, Red Dwarf, Star Trek, Mock the week, The Twilight Zone, Family Guy, Doctor Who, American Dad, Two pints of Larger & a Packet of crisps, Robin Hood, Grownups, And many Documentaries....

        • DC comics, & Marvel comics - Way too many good Illustrators to list. I found The Dark Knight, Spider-man, and The Mighty Thor had some of the best story lines around (In my opinion)
          2000 AD with 'ol Stoney face Judge Dredd was pretty cool!

        • :p
        • I have been teaching myself wood carving for a couple of years now, and find it an interesting diversion to writers block, as are the cobra weave male/female cord bracelets I also enjoy making in my spare time away from the computer.
          I also enjoy games on the PC and PS3, and find them a great diversion from wood carving, and making bracelets.
          And finally, I love spending time with my fiancee Nicola, fishing, walking, and taking in the beauty that Finland has to offer.

        • Reading, Writing, Wood Carving, Photography, Drawing

        • I have worked for a number of diffrent companies, doing various types of work... from a saturday sales boy in a second hand book shop, running a computer and console shop, Valeting cars (10 yrs ex), worked in a security firm, and recently spent 3 yrs in the pet industry (with various types of building site work and other jobs in between). I feel that I have had a fair few experiences that might benefit my writing, but who knows....
          As I have always thought.... you have to try many paths in life to get a rough idea of what you wish life to bring.
          Finally, I have been writing stories on and off since I was fifteen..... in my spare time :)

      Darksabre   Darksabre wrote
      on 12/20/2010 3:50:43 PM
      Please feel free to leave a comment about my short story. All is appreciated. Kindest regards - Mike (Darksabre)

writing Darksabre
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