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Member Name Patricia Garlitz
Date of Birth 05/22/1954
Gender Female
Location Utah
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    • This generation unlike none before it, face what mankind himself has called the end of time. But the end of time, by who's standards? Nostradamus, The Bible …

      What if an old legend was to suddenly appear proving them all wrong? An old legend barring ties that could be traced back to the beginning of recorded history? One not forecasting doom… but the dawn of a new era, an age of enlightenment.

      What if this new dawn had been forced off course by earthly prejudges, catastrophically endangering a time line, preset before time began.

      CHATTERTON PLACE, addresses these issues from the view point of what many would call a non-believer.

      Today's readers have shown an unquenchable thirst for something to fill the empty pages, something of the unpredictable time that surrounded the turn of the century and there after. My book provides the reader with a view that shows, that while we skillfully maneuver our vessel through rough waters with logic, destiny is often at the helm and emotion its only propellant. Carefully introduced sub-plots dwell just below the surface from beginning to end.

      From the moment emotionally driven Emma Chase spies the replica of her Grandmother's uniquely patterned china plate and struggles with her logical husband to purchases it - until the day she holds in her hands the last missing piece. Finally completing the set of twelve, Emma is a woman torn by love and duty. Unconsciously she is caught up in a struggle that bridges time. When the past mingles dangerously with the present, a cornerstone of the love triangle falls and readers believe that once again the prophesied joy has been denied. Catastrophic time bombs unleash sunless days upon the earth. The blackened hours threaten to return her world to the dust from which it came. Providence carries her upon its shoulder, and the final requirement of the legend is met, lifting the earth into the glorious light of the suns rays once more. Or has it? As the suns rays warm the earth, the reader is left to ponder how correct Emma's secret inner prophesy will be.


        • I was born and raised in the Salt Lake Valley, and have been happily married to the same wonderful man for 35 yrs. Sharing 4 grown kids, and a handful of grandchildren together.
          I've worked a few odd jobs through my life (most of which involved Hotels/Motels). Some have even taken me from state to state, leaving me with many happy memories.

          I started and finished writing my first story Chatterton Place, on a VERY old computer, while my kids and grand kids, ran around tearing up the house, and dumping out the sugar. No matter what was happening around me though, I always managed to find time to sit down and let the stories out.

      RaymondSpringer   RaymondSpringer wrote
      on 9/9/2009 7:55:04 PM
      Interesting. Where can Chatterton Place be purchased?

writing Garlitz
Author of Chatterton Place The Inheritance

Book available at

or get it though my e-store. you can find it at
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