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Member Name Don Greywolf Ford
Gender Male
Location Manlius, New York (Near Syracuse)
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    • My Goal is similar to that of Pinocchio. We will all make our mistakes in life, but we fix them and move on from there. My hope is to continue to grow until I come into the real person I am supposed to be; that I was meant to be. I won’t be happy until I am real and others see me as real also. Some folks are said to have a plastic smile. I hope no one ever sees me that way. Instead I want to hear talk behind my back that says, “You know, I think he’s the genuine article.” When this begins to happen, I’m becoming that real person, whom for the sake of myself and others too, I need to be!

      I’m tired of being dragged around, told every little thing to do. I want to run my own life and not depend as much on others to move my hands and feet. I want to make decisions for myself that change the course of human events for the betterment of mankind. Maybe I could invent a new product or line of merchandise that helps others. I’ve had a pretty good life so far; knock on wood. Sorry, that was intentional. Nice to know I still have a bit of my sense of humor still working in my life.

      You see, the world we live in needs to learn to smile. There is sadness all around, and if we focus on that, it will drag us down with it. For me, part of being human is to feel someone else’s pain or mood and to work at lifting their hopes and spirits to a higher level. When I have accomplished this goal of making others laugh, or at least crack a smile, I’m well on my way to becoming human.

      I hate being manipulated by others, and want to make my own decisions in life. I want to move myself in the directions I feel to go, not when others are pulling all of my strings to go with them. Maybe I began my life by following others, but that sometimes got me into trouble. Where I was going, most of the time, was not where my head and heart were telling me to go.

        • I always found myself reading parts of books and catching news snippets most of my life. My shorter attention span led me to write short stories and poems that have circled the globe. I enjoy so many different writers and artists, that it would be easier to list the ones I don't prefer. However, I want to leave a positive impression here rather than a negative one.

        • A Series of Unfortunate Events, Hunger Games, Avatar, and The Maze,top my list of favorite films. I enjoy the humor of "What About Bob", "Princess Bride", and most Chevy Chase Adventures, to feed the funny side of me. I enjoy a serious Western from time to time like "Tombstone" and "Perdition".

        • I will not attempt to highlight all of the music and musicians who have altered my life. Music has a way of getting deep under the skin as its rhythm and beat move us. My hat is off to every performer who made it their goal to entertain and enlighten us through the years. Names that come quickly to mind are Johnny Cash, Elvis, the Beatles, and a whole host of other grand singers too numerous to mention here.

        • Heat of the Night, Law and Order (Sam Waterson editions), Early Twilight Zones episodes, and Mayberry reruns with Andy and Opie Taylor.

        • Artwork in the field of comic literature does succeed in drawing in a number of new subscribers, however; it's the writing that inspires us all to continue to turn the pages. Again, too many comics to list here and do justice to this incredible field. I will mention "MAUS" as an early pulitzer prize winning comic book graphic novel. This work of Art Spiegelman is still being used as a teaching tool for many classes in colleges today.

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writing Greywolf
Native American Storyteller with a good dose of humor in the mix. "Where Eagles Fly" is my handle and is a greeting as well as a salutation; beginning in nature and ending in the same.
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