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Members: 2
Group Owner: Georgeyofthetrumpets
Created On: 03/21/2017
A group for people to share their work with others and receive advice, constructive criticism, and feedback from fellow writers and readers. Members of all ages are welcome to join. ...
Members: 1
Group Owner: Andrew_Harwood
Created On: 12/31/2016
You have all the pieces of the puzzle for your books world, but can't seem to make the puzzle perfect? this is the place to talk things through with other authors.
Members: 2
Group Owner: Foodie5264
Created On: 11/16/2016
A place where members can come and share their (appropriate) humorous life experiences, or anything that will make someone laugh. Because let's face it, we all need laugh therapy at...
Members: 1
Group Owner: scripteasetv
Created On: 10/31/2015
Writers Ripped From Their Comfort Zone, The Viewer From Their Seats. We Are Scriptease.TV Where Writers Are Uncovered.
Members: 5
Group Owner: Rubina
Created On: 10/18/2015
The Sounding Board is a group for those who are looking to get feedback on any part of their writing.
Members: 1
Group Owner: JudeTall
Created On: 09/14/2015
The Finer Things group is all about sharing, well the finer things in life. We want to share our thoughts in poetry, verse, story, and fragment.
Members: 1
Group Owner: Silverwings35
Created On: 09/06/2015
Those who have read the series of the Dark-Hunter Novels cam partake in the activity of talking about your favorite or favorites Hunter Characters!!
Members: 2
Group Owner: Scriptowl
Created On: 05/20/2015
Private, invite only.
Members: 1
Group Owner: Maia_oak
Created On: 11/25/2014
For all the Mystery Lovers out there
Members: 4
Group Owner: Derek
Created On: 11/06/2014
Writers and lovers of Fantasy, rejoice! You have found not only a new home, but new friends as well. A place where powerful magi, and evil ogres live in harmony with marauding space ...
Members: 1
Group Owner: Cemikey111
Created On: 09/29/2014
EXTENDED DEADLINE: SEPTEMBER 30TH, 2014 FINALISTS ANNOUNCED FEBRUARY 2015 The Book Pipeline Competition, presented by Script Pipeline, is searching for playwrights and authors with...
Members: 1
Group Owner: JournalGypsy
Created On: 07/01/2014
Looking for members interested in discussing the process of writing a book review worth reading. Any takers?
Members: 2
Group Owner: jrpond
Created On: 06/20/2014
A group for people looking for or handing out advice on self-publishing your work. It's hard to get into, but with the right instruction anyone can do it and you might just be succes...
Members: 2
Group Owner: truereader
Created On: 03/16/2014
A group to celebrate one of the best series ever written.
Members: 1
Group Owner: LuigiCarroll
Created On: 09/01/2013
Poesie, Fiction, storie brevi (ma anche lunghe se volete) nella nostra cara vecchia italica lingua.
Members: 7
Group Owner: ArizonaFlame
Created On: 06/17/2013
This is a group for author's in need of reviews. Simply place your name, the genre in need of reviews and a way to be contacted. As an author, we all know how vital it is to have re...
Members: 3
Group Owner: ConfessionsofSylvaSlasher
Created On: 04/29/2013
For any avid reader of zombie lit that features strong female protagonists. The more books I read like Kate Daniels, Lissa Dragomir, or Anita Blake, the merrier!
Members: 9
Group Owner: CraigDressler
Created On: 04/24/2013
Share your writing or share about what you have had published whether fiction or nonfiction. Please, though, keep what you share within a Christian worldview.
Members: 4
Group Owner: NK_Seven
Created On: 12/01/2012
Experimental writing group based on Casteneda style and subject matter i.e. magic mushrooms while branching off into the subculture of urban living.
Members: 12
Group Owner: tetraelementa
Created On: 08/17/2012
Youthful Writers is a group meant to create close bonds in the field of writing by allowing young and hopeful writers to communicate with each other in the hopes of refining their wr...
Members: 1
Group Owner: senserial
Created On: 04/19/2012
Senserial Publishing is looking for writers to join their pilot project.
Members: 7
Group Owner: strachan73gor_don
Created On: 03/27/2012
A group for anyone interested in historical fiction anywhere in the world from Ancient Times to the last 50 years
Members: 1
Group Owner: JordanC
Created On: 02/08/2012
For all EMS kids for writting
Members: 2
Group Owner: hen5522
Created On: 01/16/2012
Power ranger is a show of complete entertainment and of the super heroes.Download Power ranger episodes and also watch power ranger seasons online.So watch all the costumed heroes an...
Members: 2
Group Owner: MLT
Created On: 09/11/2011
The Quebec Writers' Circle meets once a month in Quebec City, Canada, where members share about their writing. This virtual group is reserved for members. We usually meet in the libr...
Members: 1
Group Owner: gremus
Created On: 04/17/2011
A forum for writer's who want to write more, but can't seem to find the time, motivation, etc. etc. The purpose of the group: just write.
Members: 4
Group Owner: SpideyMan1962
Created On: 03/21/2011
This is for people who like to write stories about superheroes, supervillians, whatever.
Members: 2
Group Owner: PatronQuo
Created On: 09/01/2010
Who wins, who loses? We're running writers' death bout matches 24/7 for the short stories and novel excerpts showcased on PatronQuo.com, and you're invited to discuss the Match Bout ...
Members: 9
Group Owner: bobbytoad
Created On: 07/19/2010
Expressions of the heart are soothing, healing, supportive, and profound. Sincerely vulnerable and searching. They may be joyful or tearful, and are not permeated with "drama" of t...
Members: 7
Group Owner: DipPub
Created On: 04/20/2010
Self publishing where YOU ARE THE BOSS! Not only are we publishers we help you every step of the way. -Book placement -Illustrations -Designing -Marketing -Free consultations!!!!!
Members: 7
Group Owner: ahoffma30
Created On: 03/31/2010
Members: 36
Group Owner: JmlB
Created On: 03/10/2010
I love writting but barely write apart from at school and it's different now as i have changed countries(England to France) which makes it harder to translate your work but i try my...
Members: 19
Group Owner: MoeP
Created On: 02/13/2010
I just joined this site and noticed there wasn't a group for teen writers like myself. So, please join and have fun; Ages 13-18 I guess =]
Members: 36
Group Owner: Ve
Created On: 01/19/2010
For anyone who writes fantasy and sci fi. If you feel the need for inspiration, a place to bask in the glory of your work or just somewhere that people understand your enjoyment of f...
Members: 1
Group Owner: Izasweety
Created On: 01/01/2010
For all those who do have a romantic finger to create such stories of tender lustful erotica are being sought after to display their creative art work by the written word. Please jo...
Members: 27
Group Owner: SpideyMan1962
Created On: 12/10/2009
This is a group for anyone who like to write about whatever comes to mind: A scary story, a poem, a joke, whatever. Just let your imaginations go wild!
Members: 1
Group Owner: lpcyu
Created On: 12/08/2009
Irrefutable Proof ICTY Corrupt Court
Members: 1
Group Owner: lpcyu
Created On: 12/08/2009
Retrospectively, it was all so simple, natural and matter of fact being on a boat restaurant in Belgrade, sitting with, laughing, drinking a two hundred bottle of wine and chatting a...
Members: 56
Group Owner: Kloving25
Created On: 08/19/2009
Write what you feel in your heart. Tell your story in your own words and tell it your way. All talents welcome. Please feel free to join. Thanks.
Members: 48
Group Owner: WAN
Created On: 08/14/2009
This group is named "Candle light" for this will be a group of poets who love writing an inspirational poems. Like a candle light that lights our way when it is dark- an inspirationa...
Members: 15
Group Owner: WRITER4GOD
Created On: 08/08/2009
Members: 52
Group Owner: RaymondSpringer
Created On: 06/13/2009
This group will be for discussion about any fiction novel topic you want to talk about. Whether you want to discuss an oldie but goodie or something new, something your thinking abou...
Members: 54
Group Owner: VeraWinters
Created On: 06/13/2009
As a writer, you can not be a fully normal person, I'm no expert but there is not one great writer I can think of that could possibly described as normal. And that is why we should ...
Members: 23
Group Owner: tiiger4
Created On: 04/17/2009
A room where you can leave any words that need to be said. Anything at all but only that wich is truthfull. Opinions matter and are taken into consideration. Ask for help and some...
Members: 14
Group Owner: Wordsandpoetry
Created On: 03/21/2009
Join us! Published Words and Poems of Authors and Poets from Around the Globe..an oasis for the joy of writing...a writer's resource site for poem critiques & proofreading services.
Members: 25
Group Owner: gpelaia
Created On: 03/21/2009
This group consists of Digital Media students who attend the Virginia Marti College of Art and Design in Cleveland, Ohio. This program teaches digital video production, animation, an...
Members: 22
Group Owner: poetrydances
Created On: 03/21/2009
This group has been started to help raise awareness of the poets, writers and sites that make up Poetrydances. Poetrydances.com (the main site) and Poetrydances.ning.com (social ...
Members: 21
Created On: 03/20/2009
Let's share some of our ideas about how to improve our writing ability. Share thoughts about what makes each of us attracted to a certain style of poetry, short story, or novel. Con...
Members: 30
Group Owner: Bluez
Created On: 03/20/2009
I am hoping to create a small page here where we can all share our ideas, help each other out and make the world a better place
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