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Description: Construction waste crusher is widely used in construction waste treatment
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In order to ensure people's health, protect the environment and save energy, all countries attach great importance to the development and use of environmentally-friendly building materials, promote the use of non-polluting or low-pollution products, promote the environmental labeling system of products, and recycle and recycle construction waste as one of the important projects. The final disposal of construction waste in China is mainly based on backfilling. Most of the construction waste is transported directly to the suburbs or villages without any treatment, and is disposed of by open storage or landfill. The level of harmlessness, reduction and resource treatment of construction waste is much lower than that of developed ones.
However, as the smog is rampant, construction waste, which is one of the sources of pollution, has gradually gained people's attention. At present, more and more people are paying attention to the recycling of construction waste, and they are more concerned about the technical upgrading of Cone Crusher equipment. The technical level of construction waste equipment is directly related to whether it can be recycled and reused for the benefit of mankind rather than becoming a source of pollution. For the investment in the construction waste treatment industry, investors are paying more attention to the construction waste equipment itself, investment costs and later benefits.
Under normal circumstances, the Construction waste crusher can be matched with different crusher equipment, and its role and name are slightly different. Jaw crusher, which we often use for coarse crushing, is a mobile crusher consisting of a jaw crusher, called the jaw type mobile crusher, which is also used for coarse crushing. Of course, in combination with the impact crusher, it is called a counter-moving mobile crusher, which is mainly used for coarse and medium crushing of materials. Cooperating with the cone crusher is a cone moving crusher, which is mainly used for medium and fine crushing. Under normal circumstances, we are common to these three types of construction waste crusher equipment.
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