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Description: Construction waste disposal equipment operation and use of the inspection
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In the construction waste crusher equipment production line, we may think it is not useful, but the fact that it is indispensable in the process of building waste treatment, it not only improves the surrounding environment, but also greatly in terms of available resources Improve, we can see that the construction waste disposal equipment and equipment is indispensable. The following by Xiaobian explain to you some of the construction waste disposal equipment, some precautions.First of all, before starting, you need to carefully check the various components is not qualified, qualified to the formal boot. Installed at the point should ensure that the cargo unloading tape center position, does not allow direct unloading at a large height, to prevent the tape hurt or tape deviation.Second, the reducer, motor, coupling and bearing temperature is not unusual phenomenon, static and dynamic whether there is an anomaly. Conveyor belt to transport materials in the process of careful inspection of the various parts of the delivery, if abnormalities need timely shutdown.Again, the tension of the belt is appropriate, whether there is slippage deviation or chucking and other abnormal phenomenon. There is also a need to constantly view the fluid coupling, hydraulic system, and reducer is not a leakage phenomenon, timing to see if the amount of red oil is appropriate, and timely adjustments to add.Then, before the construction waste crusher equipment starts up, it should start the motor close to the unloading equipment and then start the motor close to the storage bin so as to overload the engine. And maintenance needs to add equipment to stop, and then hang down signs. Need to clean up debris before shutting down.Finally, if the belt is used improperly in the production process, it can cause an accident. No matter what kind of material in the production process, no matter what part of the equipment, the equipment itself will have some impact, therefore, in the construction of waste disposal equipment operation requires some attention to the details of the problem, to prevent equipment Damage, cost savings.
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