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Description: A place where members can come and share their (appropriate) humorous life experiences, or anything that will make someone laugh. Because let's face it, we all need laugh therapy at some point in the day, no matter how frustrated we are! Laughing releases endorphin's, which keep us sane, more focused and less stressed!
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If I may, please let me start with this (yes, I'm venting here):

November 16, 2016

Dear Neighbor(s),

Please come to my house and blow away or rake up your leaves that have amassed in my yard, as I have no trees in mine.  Your kind neighborly gesture may reward you with a freshly baked apple pie!

Thank You,


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Greywolf   Greywolf wrote
on 7/14/2017 6:06:07 AM
Fatal Stare “Dad, there’s a rooster in our yard.” “What's he doing? Has he stopped crossing roads and now he’s crossing yards?” A faint chuckle was heard. “Very funny! No! He's staring up at me in my bedroom window. It's rather unnerving.” “Suzy, do you feel like he is undressing you with his eyes?” More laughter was heard coming from the dad's room. “Please, Dad, it's too early for your crazy style of humor. I know that this bird is up to something.”  “Well, he can't be up to too much; he’s only twelve inches high.” “That's so funny, I forgot to laugh. Now both of you are torturing me. You with your sick jokes, and him with that annoying stare and smirk on his face.” “So, maybe he is up to something. He's probably hoping to get in the Guinness Book of Records as the only smiling rooster." "Or, maybe he has a death wish?” “Whoa, girl, slow down! It's a chicken, not a terrorist!” “God, Dad, he's pulling out a knife!” "Let me see this knife." “Of course he doesn’t have one! I had to say that. How else could I get you to take me seriously? Everything's a joke to you. Now do you see him staring and smirking at us?” 
“No, not at me. He seems obsessed with you.” “So, are you going to do anything about it?” “I guess I'll plan our supper now. How does chicken and biscuits sound?” NOTE: Problem solved; a great dad after all.

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