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Jaw crusher equipment production core internal construction, Shanghai SBM heavy jaw crusher equipment rotating body is mainly composed of moving jaw, eccentric shaft, bearing, pulley and so on several parts, is the main part of the transmission and torque under moving jaw consists of moving jaw toggle plate stents and activities such as parts, jaw support by using 35 # steel casting, and after tempering treatment. The bearing adopts double row centripetal spherical roller bearing, and has the characteristics of fine adjustment, large force and durability. The eccentric shaft is made of no. 45 steel car and is tempered. Jaw plate is divided into two types: movable and fixed. In order to improve the crushing effect, the surface adopts optimized tooth shape and the material adopts ZGMN13, which has the characteristics of high hardness, wear resistance and good use effect.The main component of the fixed body is jaw crusher equipment, the machine manufacturing process has two kinds: medium carbon steel casting frame and medium carbon steel steel plate welding frame. The welding frame is based on the original casting frame and added a number of strong reinforcement, and through strict quality control and specific process requirements, to achieve the same use effect as the casting frame. In order to prevent serious wear on the side wall of the frame, protective plates are installed on the left and right side walls of the crusher chamber, which can be replaced at will. Safety device elbow plate in addition to the transmission force mainly plays a safety role, that is, when the non-crushing into the crushing chamber, elbow plate can be broken or bent first, so as to protect other parts of the machine. The adjusting device is used to adjust the size of the discharge port and control the particle size of the discharge. There are two types of adjusting mechanism of crushing equipment: lifting block type and ejector block type. Customers can also visit our Shanghai SBM heavy industry entity to learn more about the crusher production process!
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