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Description: Mobile crushing station development in China
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Mining machinery mainly serves the energy, transportation and raw materials basic industrial sectors. The main tasks are deep mining of mining and raw materials for coal, steel, non-ferrous metals, chemicals, building materials and nuclear industries, as well as large-scale railways, highways, hydropower, etc. The construction of the project provides advanced and efficient technical equipment.After the reform and opening up, China's stone ore industry is booming, the scale of production is expanding, the product structure has undergone major changes, the product chain of the ore industry is being extended, the technical level is gradually improved, and the ore industry is in the processing chain, sawing, grinding, cutting and throwing. The degree of automation of the process has been continuously improved, and the development of large enterprises has made great progress. Mining machinery is a machinery industry in the engineering machinery industry with a wide variety, complex equipment structure, large demand and wide use.Mining machinery can be roughly divided into 7 categories, 30 small categories and more than 700 varieties, such as mining equipment, lifting equipment, narrow rail transportation equipment, crushing and grinding equipment, mining screening equipment, washing equipment and roasting equipment. And thousands of specifications. China's mining machinery technology is backward and slow to develop. In recent years, with the increase in demand and the expansion of the domestic demand for financial crisis, the state has increased its independent research and development efforts, making stone mining machinery develop rapidly. The crusher industry people seize the opportunity to innovate constantly, and develop a new type of mobile crushing station based on the fixed crusher, which has become a new equipment for the ore crushing industry.The mobile crushing station is a rock and construction waste crushing equipment. It is mainly used for metallurgical, chemical, building materials, hydropower and other materials that need to be relocated, especially for the operation of mobile stones such as highways, railways, hydropower projects, etc. Treatment of construction waste. The concept of coarse and fine crushing operations has been greatly expanded. The crushing station can be combined into a coarse crushing and fine crushing two-stage screening system according to actual needs. It can also be combined into a coarse, medium and fine three-stage screening system. It has high flexibility and can be used according to the type, size and finished materials of the processed raw materials. The requirements vary in a variety of configurations. The Mobile crusher in malaysia is flexible and convenient, and has strong maneuverability, which can save a lot of infrastructure and relocation costs; it can crush the materials on site and move with the advancement of the raw material mining surface, thus greatly reducing the transportation cost of materials. Since its launch, the mobile crushing station has been widely used in crushing and screening fields such as stone production, mining, construction waste treatment, cement production, high-speed rail and expressway aggregate production.
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