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Description: Expressions of the heart are soothing, healing, supportive, and profound. Sincerely vulnerable and searching. They may be joyful or tearful, and are not permeated with "drama" of the Ego. Share honestly. Respond with tender thoughtfulness. Rejoice with us in the gifts of life and opportunities found by being "in the moment". We are a group of pen friends willing to share moments of discovery.
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bobbytoad   bobbytoad wrote
on 7/19/2010 6:23:54 AM
“A New Day” It is early morning. I set out on a short hike up a mountain trail that will soon lead me to my favorite place. A place of peace. A place of serene beauty. A place where I can feel at one with Nature. The dawn is imminent. I can feel its anxious anticipation as I soon arrive at my favorite place. My favorite rock on the side of the mountain. My favorite vantage point where day will break anew upon the valley below that still lies in restful repose. I wait. My heart begins to increase in its rhythm as sweet anxiety gradually builds within me. Then it happens. Just as it has happened for time immemorial. The rays of the sun peek cheerfully over the crest of the majestic mountain top, as it begins spreading its light generously across all the living earth below. I close my eyes and tilt my head backward a bit, drinking in the brilliance and warmth of the refreshing face of the sun. It splashes across me like a warm, welcoming waterfall, filling my soul with a renewal of light and peace within. I breathe slow and deep. I am acutely aware of the presence of my entire being in this singular moment of my life. I am totally aware of the Now, as I drink in the warmth, the sights and sounds and scents of my surroundings. I am alone… and yet I am not… for I am encompassed about with the life of Nature… and I am deeply comforted. A new day is upon me. A new opportunity to be me. The past is gone and fondly remembered. The future is yet to come with its unique set of uncertainties. But I am here, now, in this present moment… alive and well and thoroughly glad to be me. I am filed with the joy of my being… and I am at peace.

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