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Description: How to improve the economic benefits of vertical grinding of ore materials?
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There are many ore materials processed by Ore Milling Equipment. In order to respond to the call for energy-saving and emission reduction, many industries have adopted vertical mills for processing so as to achieve the maximum effect of energy conservation and emission reduction. There are many types of micro-grinding processing materials, and vertical mills are mainly selected. Powder machine, roller device, disc device, pressurizing device, reducer, motor, shell and other parts. The rotary part of the ultra-fine classifier is the core component of the classifier, and its dynamic balance will directly affect the classifier's performance, output, and service life.When vertical mills are used to process limestone materials, the use of centrifugal classifiers in combination with sand production lines traditional sand washers wastes natural resources. Although economic benefits can be guaranteed, environmental benefits are poor. Once the screening machine is used, the structure is complicated and the screens need to be replaced frequently. The steps are complicated and the labor costs are heavy. The influence of the ultra-fine classifier on the working conditions of the mill is mainly reflected by the power level of the classifier, the cyclic load rate, and the grinding power of the mill. The effect of excessive stone powder content on the cement and asphalt concrete volume parameters is of great significance to the performance of the asphalt mixture.During the working process of the vertical mill separator, the material enters the separator from the feed inlet, passes through the internal cavity into the thrower tray, and finally passes through centrifugal action and is thrown into the separator bin. The large blade provides updraft, coarse The material is stopped by the auxiliary blades and discharged from the coarse material outlet. The fine material rides updraft to the outside warehouse. When it reaches the return vane, it enters the inner bin along the gap of the return air vane. It forms a recirculating air flow and can perform 3 sorting operations. A small part of the fine powder is discharged from the fine powder port. A full set of equipment can not only increase production, but also improve the quality of pulverized coal and stabilize the thermal system.
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