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Description: Phosphorus ore ultra-fine grinding to carry out processing advantages of phosphate ore raw materials
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Phosphorus ore was commonly used in some industries and mines in northern China in the earlier years. In addition, China's phosphate rock reserves are relatively large and the price is relatively low. The common phosphate rock is river pebbles, pebbles, etc., but which phosphate ore raw materials are used Is it better to choose ultrafine grinding of phosphate ore for milling production? Based on this, in the following, this article will conduct a detailed analysis on the knowledge of more equipment for ultrafine grinding of phosphate rock, as follows:I. Introduction of ultrafine grinding of phosphate oreTo say which of the phosphate ore raw materials used for ultra-fine grinding of phosphate ore is better, a brief introduction of Ore Milling Equipment is given below. The following detailed analysis will be based on SBM Industrial Scientific and Technology Group's ultra-fine grinding of phosphate ore as follows:SBM Industrial Science and Technology Group adopts the domestic similar product technology on the ultra fine grinding structure of phosphate ore, and has been updated and designed on the basis of traditional ultra-fine grinding technology of phosphate ore; SBM Industrial Technology Group ultra fine grinding roller of phosphate ore has been adjusted It can only be rolled on the grinding ring under the action of centrifugal force, effectively guarantee that the grinding roller and grinding ring will not affect the yield and fineness of the finished product when the raw material of phosphorus ore is damaged to a certain thickness, and it is not for some Mohs hardness. More than 10 phosphate rock raw materials are particularly suitable, with strong processing capacity, high efficiency, for some common raw materials for phosphate rock, or some barite, calcite, marble plus some non-flammable under 6% humidity, All kinds of materials such as explosive minerals can be processed with high-precision milling, and the effect is much better than that of traditional milling equipment. Therefore, a variety of phosphate ores can be used as superfine grinding of phosphate ore.Phosphorus ore superfine grinding1. From the aspect of finished products: Compared with other milling equipment, the equipment is improved through the screening system, improves the screening rate, can reach 99%, ensures less impurities in the finished product, and the finished product is more excellent and satisfies people's right. The demand for high-precision pure phosphate ore raw materials is not comparable to other equipment; therefore, the ultra-fine grinding of phosphate ore is more effective for milling raw materials for phosphate ore raw materials.2. From the aspect of cost: Phosphate Ore Milling Equipment has a unique vertical structure, simple structure, small footprint, strong system, and the use of electromagnetic feeders for the supply of materials for phosphate ore materials, Small size and lighter weight can not only save energy and save electricity, but also make it easier to maintain in the later period, and save maintenance costs and production costs.3. From the aspect of environmental protection, the overall operating system adopts a sealing device to prevent the splashing of dust from some phosphate ore raw materials and reduce environmental pollution; moreover, the sealing device can effectively reduce the noise transmission generated in the grinding process of the equipment and can better Effective green production.
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