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Description: What is the working principle of a mobile counterattack?
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Portable Crusher Plant is a type of mobile crusher, in a lot of construction waste, stone crushing and so can be crushed operations, is a high configuration of the anti-broken and sieving conveyor equipment and other components, construction waste crushing plant manufacturers To move the type of anti-broken work to introduce.Structural components, mobile counter-break by the frame assembly, body auto parts, host and auxiliary equipment, power systems and hydraulic control system.Mobile counterattack break the working principle of moving through the trailer to provide traction drag the frame, relying on the frame of its own tire auxiliary walking. Installation, relying on external power, hydraulic control system through the hydraulic control system and other actions to complete the installation of equipment. Work, rely on external power to drive the host and auxiliary equipment motor, driven equipment work, material from the silo or belt machine into the anti-broken host broken or sieved, through the belt machine discharge. The advantages of its products are as follows:1, the most comprehensive: counterattack mobile crusher can either a single independent operation, you can also multiple devices joint operations, for a variety of user needs, to provide users with customized mobile crushing program.2, the most advanced: equipment using modular design concept, a variety of models common a frame to achieve the same model between the different host unit swap.3, the most flexible: mobile counter-break can be used alone in a broken, but also other crushing and screening stations and other equipment to achieve joint operation of two, three or four broken, to meet a variety of crushing and screening needs.4, the most human: mobile anti-break operation is simple and convenient, safe production, environmental protection and energy conservation use more humane.
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