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Description: What causes the unstable operation of the mobile crushing station?
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For the Portable Crusher Plant, if the operation is unstable in production, it needs to be stopped and repaired. In order to reduce the impact of the shutdown and maintenance on the production process, here is the introduction of the factors that cause the unstable operation. Similar problems can be found by users based on these reasons, saving time for maintenance. Generally speaking, there are four main reasons for the unstable operation of the mobile crushing station, which will be described in detail below.Cause one: uneven oil supplyIf the mobile crushing station reaches a high speed without load and continues to increase the speed, the centrifugal force of the regulator flying block will be too large, the tension of the speed control spring will be overcome, and the oil supply gear rod will be reduced by pushing the tension rod. Move in the direction. At this time, the position of the fuel supply rod is equivalent to the position of the fuel supply gear rod at low speed. Therefore, if the fuel supply is uneven, the error will be too large, which will affect the stability of the operation.Cause twoIf the mobile crushing station reaches the oil stop speed, the fuel injection pump should automatically cut off the oil, but if the quality of the plunger and the valve components is not uniform, or due to the different wear and tear caused by the oil break time, some cylinders may have been supplied with oil, Some cylinders have a small amount of oil supply or slow oil cut-off, which will cause the unstable high-speed operation;Cause three: improper operationIf the mobile crushing station is running at a high speed, some incorrect operations occur, such as the feeding equipment suddenly increases the feeding, or the nature of the supplied material changes. If the machine is not adjusted, it will cause The station appears to be flickering, and at this time, it needs to stop immediately for inspection;Cause four: Improper speed adjustmentThe unstable high-speed operation of a mobile crushing station usually manifests as high-speed instability under load. Speed ​​regulation is an important indicator for evaluating the performance of a governor. If the speed is too large, the speed of the diesel engine will fluctuate greatly when the load changes. Affects the stability of the engine's high-speed operation, and the idle speed is too high, which will increase the wear of the body, and the regulating speed is too small, which will also cause the high-speed operation to be unstable. It is better to control the regulating speed of the vehicle to less than 10%
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