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The following is its specific advantages:1, the tire back broken Portable crusher plant for the integration of Portable crusher plant, the use of the crushing station can effectively reduce the time to build infrastructure and human and material resources, customers can effectively reduce production costs, materials handling crushing operations Very direct and efficient.2, the crushing station compact structure, reasonable design, advanced technology equipment, compact size, light weight. The device is equipped with a very advanced steering towing device and all-wheel drive, mobile performance is very good, very easy for road transport and site depth, but also very suitable for equipment operation in narrow venues.3, crushing station equipment portfolio durability are very strong, all levels of equipment parts are used is very new type, wear-resistant material processing and production, and manufacturers of production equipment and processes have been properly optimized wear and tear of equipment components, the failure rate Reduce the device's life expectancy.4, the Portable crusher plant complete functions, set by the material, broken, transmission and other functions in one, the device crushing advanced technology, equipment crushing material intensity is very large, the handling capacity is also very large, and broken out of the material quality Very good, broken out of the finished product grain quality.5, The device is flexible to use, can be used according to the needs of multi-machine combination or stand-alone use, customers can make reasonable combination of different types of equipment to form a very high quality crushing operation pipeline.6, tire counterattack Portable crusher plant power system configuration is also very advanced, less power consumption per unit of output, can effectively save fuel and improve the economic efficiency of customer production.
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