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Description: How to remove the counterattack on the impact crusher?
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When it comes to the impact crusher, we are no stranger to it. The impact crusher is a crusher with a large crushing ratio, which combines the crushing machine and the sand making machine. It combines coarse crushing and fine crushing Powder Crusher Pulverizer equipment and impact crusher. There are advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantage is that it is not convenient to repair the counter-attack board, but this is also caused by many technicians who have not mastered the correct disassembly method. In order to solve this problem, the Red Star machine introduces how the counterattack crusher counter plate should be properly disassembled for your reference.
We all know that the frequent repair project of the Jaw Crusher Price is to replace the thrust plate. For the high-efficiency fine crusher with the connecting rod as the whole, to remove the thrust plate, the baffle screw must be unscrewed first, the dry oil lubricating oil pipe must be cut off, and the thrust plate should be hung on the crane lifting hook or other lifting equipment before the lifting plate can be hung. Loosen the spring at one end of the horizontal tie rod, and take the action to the fixed jaw and take out the thrust plate. If the thrust plate is to be removed, the connecting rod should be pulled apart from the front thrust plate and the moving jaw, and the rear thrust plate should be taken out.
After the thrust plate is removed, the thin oil lubrication pipe and the cooling water pipe are cut off, and the support is supported by the bracket under the connecting rod, and then the connecting rod cover is removed to lift the connecting rod, so that the next maintenance work can be smoothly carried out.
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