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Description: Raymond Mill's dust removal settings are easy to break out of the cause
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Raymond Mill dust is a protective measure, dust bag is Raymond Mill supporting facilities, is a traditional dust removal equipment. Many users have found cloth dust bag is easier to damage, to the normal work of the equipment has brought no small impact. Therefore, the current pulse dust removal equipment gradually replace the cloth dust bag dust bag is used to filter dust or control air flow of a device, which in the course of the use of parts is not easy to wear. However, the dust bag also has a service life and wear. Which led to Raymond Mill dust bag wear causes, mainly in the following two points:1, if the Raymond grinding after processing is a strong flow and friction of the dust, then the direct wear and tear dust bag, reducing the service life, such as common aluminum powder, silicon powder and toner.2, there is a dust also dust bag wear is very serious, that is, with a charge of dust or hot particles. This is because the chemical fiber filter is usually easy to charge, if the dust at the same time charge is easy to produce sparks, which is easy to damage the dust bag.With the continuous progress of technology, there are already a lot of Raymond Mill equipment into a pulse dust collector, this dust removal device than the traditional dust bag more advantages, can effectively improve the efficiency of equipment and extend equipment life.
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