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Description: What is the role of blades in Raymond Mill?
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So far, Raymond mill is applied to all areas of the market share is very high, in order to help our customers and friends or friends want this equipment, the raymond mill has further understanding, Xiao Bian has carried out a series of Raymond Mill knowledge reported today, our topic is: Raymond leaves rollermill in what role? Let's look at it.First of all, we must make clear that leaves Raymond mill where there are two, one is the analysis of powder machine, another is a fan, explaining the two following small blade.Analysis of blade effect of Raymond mill machine through the speed motor and analysis: after two reduction, so as to drive the rotary table rotating blades formed on the powder classification. The blade speed is adjusted according to the size of finished powder sizes. If you want to get a fine powder, it is necessary to improve the blade speed, the blade and the powder contact increases, make unqualified powder is thrown to the outside wall and the airflow from the coarse powder, because of self gravity fall into the grinding chamber for heavy grinding, refined powder qualified by the blades with gas flow inhalation of large cyclone collector. After the separation of gas and powder, powder is collected.Raymond mill fan blade: when high-speed operation of the wind mill opportunity to blow air into the Raymond Mill cabin, air lifts the material raising, suspension shaft roller suspension movement, the resistance of the pipeline, the pressure will gradually change from the positive pressure is negative. Mixed air raised silt and gas will enter the cyclone, the cyclone separating powder into the hopper, the air pressure will be further reduced, and the powder particles after the separation of the air will enter the Raymond Mill again by the blower, circulating air in the closed system of Raymond mill. In simple terms, the wind turbine blades, is used to control the size of the wind, air volume and the size of the material is also associated with the wind, the larger the size, the more coarse, and the smaller the air volume, the smaller the fineness.The leaves of Raymond Mill in what role? What is the role of the blade in the analysis machine and the fan? Is above these, we hope to help, and the technical personnel that must know more about the equipment, when in use will be more handy, can judge and correct operation in the event of equipment, the production line is very important.
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