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Speaking of Raymond Gripper accessories purchase, presumably every customer is a headache, raymond mill accessories, especially wearing parts due to normal wear and tear of the need to replace the new parts and equipment, the choice of accessories than the whole machine The purchase is more cautious and requires higher level. The following SBM Xiaobian comes to share with you some tips on the selection of milling equipment accessories. I hope to help everyone.Ray mill accessories purchase notes which first, whether the size of the accessories meet the requirements of the original equipment Second, the accessories material is excellent, itself as a wearing part, material related to its use cycle third, whether the cooperation of the manufacturer is reliable, Raymond Grinding accessories belong to a long-term consumer product. It is very important to find an ideal partner. Fourth, does the manufacturer provide free installation or technical service?The above 4 items must be considered in the purchase of accessories. Since the mill user re-purchased the supporting facilities, it is possible that the purchase of the spare parts was due to two reasons. One may have failed to contact the cooperative factory before the closure or other reasons. Can no longer provide supporting facilities, the second is the poor quality of original accessories, customers want to buy more high-quality accessories to replace. In fact, as the mill manufacturers recommend that you buy the accessories or from the original manufacturers to buy better, if you must choose another cooperative manufacturer must be careful, or buy back parts are likely to become waste copper rotten iron useless.Why do not you easily change the factory to buy Raymond mill parts First of all, each manufacturer's production equipment has its own characteristics, in the parts manufacturing has its own particularity, other manufacturers can not find completely suitable, with tacit understanding of supporting facilities, followed by If you choose to inadvertently choose the manufacturer is likely to be deceived, not only the quality of the purchased parts is not guaranteed, the model size is not necessarily appropriate. In addition, the initial cooperation equipment prices will be high, the purchase of accessories is no exception, and most of the mill accessories are not sold separately. This will increase the cost of equipment investment. Finally, because the purchase of equipment and accessories, the majority of manufacturers will not provide related services, the use of customer technology is not skilled in the case of some passive, replacement parts also require certain skills and methods.It is inevitable that Raymond Grinding accessories will be replaced during grinding production. SBM recommends that everyone in the purchase of equipment should try to cooperate with a manufacturer with a certain scale and strength so that the service can be guaranteed in later stages. If this is not possible due to special reasons, Manufacturers to obtain contact with the purchase of accessories should also be more inspection, in addition, we recommend that customers can prepare a set of milling equipment accessories, in order to avoid sudden damage due to accessories and can not be replaced due to production delays and other economic losses, and supporting equipment prices are low and more prepared Several sets are no big deal. SBM produces a variety of industrial milling machines and accessories. It is sold to more than 40 countries and regions in China and overseas, and provides customized processing services for matching accessory models.
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