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Description: What is the difference between Raymond Mill and Raymond Mill?
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The ore is crushed to 60-600 mesh with Raymond Mill, and more than 600 mesh to 1250 mesh is required to use Raymond Mill.The specific differences are analyzed as follows:I. Different scope of applicationR-Raymond Mill, raymond mill Applicable, Barite, Calcite, Potash Feldspar, Talc, Marble, Limestone, Dolomite, Fluorite, Lime Activated White Clay, Activated Carbon, Bentonite, Kaolin, Cement, Phosphorus Ore , plaster, glass, insulation material. Raymond Mill Mohs hardness of not more than 9.3, less than 6% of the non-wet and flammable minerals, chemical, construction and other industries more than 280 high-precision milling of the material, the product in the 80-325 mesh adjustable range of species.Mohs's Raymond Mill is not more than 6.5, less than 6% non-humidity hardness, flammable and explosive minerals, chemical, construction and other industries, high-precision machining process, finished product 20-325 mesh size of any adjustment.Two. The difference between the machine structureRaymond Mill main structure: The aircraft structure is mainly composed of host, analyzer, fan, finished cyclone, cyclone powder and air tube. Among them, the host consists of a rack, a volute, a blade, a roll, a grinding ring, and a shell.Raymond Mill working principle:When working, it will be necessary to crush the material from the hopper into the housing to join the machine side machine, rely on the hanging roller device on the host plum frame, around the revolution of the vertical axis, and the role of its rotating centrifugal force, due to rotation, grinding out of the swing The roller, the pressure on the ring, causes the blade to scoop up the material to roll between the roller and the roller, and due to the rolling, the purpose of the ring is to crush the material.Winding process: grinding material, the fan enters the chassis will wind, blow up the powder, after grinding, in the Raymond Mill finishing analyzer, which is placed fine with coarse grinding material to another room to re-grind, fineness in accordance with the specification room With the flow into the cyclone collector, the product is collected through the powder discharge port. The fans collected by the Big Cyclone returned back to the happiest wind pipe, the wind path was a cycle, the turbulent negative pressure conditions in the mountain stream in the cycle, the exhaust fan and the host part of the middle wind to a small cyclone equipment collection pipe discharge Purify.
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