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Raymond mill will be large pieces of raw materials broken to the required feed size, the bucket elevator will be transported to the material storage tank, and then by the electromagnetic feeder to the host of the grinding chamber, into the grinding chamber In the material between the grinding roller and grinding ring grinding, raymond mill powder from the fan flow to the analyzer grading, to achieve the fineness of the fine powder with the air through the tube into the large cyclone collector, the separation of the collection , And then discharged by the unloader is finished.The host work process is driven by the transmission equipment to drive the central axis of rotation, the top of the shaft connected to the plum blossom rack, equipped with roller painting on the shelf to create a swing fulcrum, which not only around the center of the swing, while grinding roller around the grinding ring around the same time, The blade and the roller with the process of turning the material shovel into the grinding roller, grinding ring between the formation of mat material layer, the material layer by the roller rotation to produce outward centrifugal force (ie, extrusion force) the material crushed , Thus achieving the purpose of milling.The analyzer rotates the blade on the turntable through the speed control motor and decelerates by the secondary deceleration to form the grading effect on the powder. The speed of the blade speed is adjusted according to the size of the finished powder. When it is necessary to obtain fine particles, it is necessary to improve the speed of the blade, so that contact with the powder to increase the leaves, so that the undesirable powder is the blade to the outer wall and air separation, coarse particles due to gravity Re-grinding, qualified into the mouth of the powder through the leaves with the air inhalation of large cyclone collector, air and powder were separated, the powder was collected, the whirlwind collector on the performance of the mill played a very important role , When the powder flow into the collector when the high-speed rotation state, to be separated from the air flow and powder, the air and powder separation, the air flow with the cone wall to the center of the cone to the bottom of the cone (from the natural flow length) to form a Rotate the upward flow of the cylinder, then the powder is collected.As the upward rotation of the air core was negative pressure state, so the bottom of the collector sealing requirements are high, must be strictly separated from the outside air, or the dust will be collected under the core air will be taken away, which directly affect the machine Production, so the bottom of the collector is equipped with a lock powder, its role is to the outside of the positive pressure gas and the collector negative pressure gas isolation, which is a very important parts, such as do not install the powder or lock the tongue device Anastomosis will not result in a fine powder or less powder, affecting the whole production.
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