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Description: New Raymond mill to overcome the difficulties of milling
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In recent years, chemical powder production has developed rapidly, and its application fields are in the chemical, metallurgy, building materials, decorative materials and other industries. Processing materials such as kaolin, lithopone, carbon black, gypsum, talc, lime, feldspar, coal char, and shell red mud Mohs hardness of various materials such as natural rubber, yellow red dan, barium sulfate, zinc oxide, iron oxide, calcium carbonate, magnesium sulfate, heavy calcium, graphite, titanium dioxide, and Zhongling stone are also increasing, from 6 to 9.5. Materials and related milling equipment can meet the requirements. Raymond Mill manufacturers are all over the country, and equipment R&D technology is maturing. From the initial processing of imported equipment, to the current independent production, a large number of mechanical equipment manufacturers with professional technical strength have been born in China, and Henan SBM Heavy Industry is one of them. At present, Raymond mill has limited feed size and output. The material is usually crushed by a jaw crusher to meet the feed size required by the mill, and can be fed into the mill for milling, and the material yield is low. Dust pollution is serious. This phenomenon has always been an important difficulty for manufacturers of milling equipment. However, the Raymond Mill of SBM Heavy Industry is equipped with a mature dust removal device, so that you have no worries. SBM Heavy Industry adopts advanced technology at home and abroad, combined with many years of Raymond Mill production experience, will crush, dry, grind and classify and transport in one, and develop the European version of the mill, the cement raw material, metal mine, thermal power plant pot The pulverized coal is classified, no matter whether the hard-to-grind materials or the fine-grinding materials are grouped by themselves, the suitable grinding process is adopted, and finally the purpose of fine grinding and milling is achieved. Due to the combination of crushing, drying, grinding and grading, the whole set of equipment has a small footprint, low investment cost and running cost. The special configuration makes the material stay in the machine for a short time, reducing the repeated grinding and stabilization of the finished product. The quality of the finished product; the vertical grinding machine has small vibration, low noise, and the whole equipment is sealed. The system works under negative pressure, no dust overflows, the environment is clean, meets the national environmental protection requirements, and is well received by customers.
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