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Description: Some requirements to pay attention to operating Raymond mill
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For Raymond mill mine equipment, there are some faults is a more normal issue, but we found that many users of equipment problems are due to improper operation caused. If the user puts a higher demand on the operator who operates the Raymond mill, the probability of failure of the equipment is much lower.Raymond mill operation we also have some basic requirements, the first is that users must follow the operating instructions to operate the equipment. For each raymond mill, we are equipped with operating instructions, the user before using the device to learn more about the instructions, prohibit illegal operations. In the operation manual of Raymond Mill, the order of switching on and off of the equipment is clearly listed, but in actual production, we find that some users are uneasy to explain the operation and cause the equipment to malfunction, and these situations must be avoided. The other is to process the appropriate materials, Raymond mill is generally used to process the material is not high hardness, we found that some users will use Raymond mill to process some of the higher hardness of materials, such as wollastonite, which will To the equipment caused greater wear and tear, shorten the life of equipment. If you encounter any problems during the process of using Raymond Mill, you should call the factory after-sale telephone in time and do not disassemble the device yourself to avoid harming the machine more seriously.
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