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Description: What if the Raymond mill temperature is too high?
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Generally, in the process of operating the Raymond mill, because the operator is not properly used, it is easy to cause the mechanical temperature to rise. The temperature of the Raymond mill is too high, including the fan motor heating and the bearing temperature is too high, the user is In the face of excessive problems with Raymond Mill, the first reason to understand the temperature rise is that any machine needs to be maintained and maintained to prolong its service life. In fact, the temperature of the Raymond mill can be solved from the following aspects.
1, the most common is the fan heat, the cause may be caused by high wind pressure, sometimes we will unconsciously encounter the fan equipment in the production, so that the wind pressure of the fan changes to cause the motor to heat. Therefore, we must not arbitrarily change the equipment in production.
2. Check whether the extension pipeline is unblocked, whether the viscosity and grade of the oil meet the requirements.
3. The grinding roller device should be refueled in time according to the regulations. Regularly clean and replace the oil seal. The bearings of the grinding roller should be refueled regularly.
4, the bearing room temperature can not exceed 70 ° C, if the bearing temperature is too high, immediately remove the cleaning bearings and bearing chambers and other accessories to clean once.
5. According to the actual condition of the Raymond machine, adjust the ventilation of the grinding chamber, open the ventilation duct, and make the airflow and outdoor airflow in the Raymond grinding chamber convect, from avoiding the temperature of the Raymond grinding chamber is too high.
A similar situation can easily occur with poor quality machinery. Therefore, it is necessary for manufacturers to carefully select their eyes when purchasing. Choosing big brands and high-quality equipment, such as Raymond Mill made by SBM Machinery, has won high praise in the industry.
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