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Raymond mill in the production process feed and discharge constitute the entire production process, before the feed to the Raymond mill is a relatively slow problem, and the uneven feed to Raymond mill use efficiency greatly hit A discount, with the continuous development of technology, Raymond Mill has achieved an automated feeding process, automatic feeding by the host current and fan current in the control, which is the application of electromagnetic vibrating feeder equipment.Its working principle is that when the fan is in normal operation, the host current will stop feeding when it exceeds the limited current, and the supply will be restored when the current drops. The main reason for this phenomenon is that the current causes the electrical work to be disconnected and connected On the control cabinet control voltage reached the feed and stop. In the operation of Raymond automatic feeding, staff first switch the main switch on the control cabinet door to an automatic position, and gradually increase the potentiometer on the R1 button, the current reaches a limited current and stable, according to the host The upper limit of the current to change the current on the relay, when the current hungry, can make the normally closed contact disconnect, this design principle to ensure that the Raymond mill normal operation at work, no gambling occurs or Is the lack of material problems.
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