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Description: The modified Raymond mill has improved in terms of product fineness and productivity
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The purpose of the raymond mill system retrofit is to produce ultrafine powders, so the impact of process parameters on product fineness is critical.Under the same conditions of system airflow, the product fineness is related to the speed of the classifier rotor. The higher the speed, the greater the centrifugal force and the finer the product size. In order to obtain ultra-fine products, it is necessary to ensure that the classifier operates at a higher speed, and the speed of the three rotors of the classifier must be consistent by the speed controller to improve the uniformity of product fineness. During the commissioning process, it was found that under the condition that the speed of the classifier was too high, the fineness of the product returned to the Raymond mill increased while the fineness of the product was increased, and the amount of material retained in the mill was excessive.The pulverizing ability of the Raymond mill is certain, and the transformation is only to complete the fine grading of the pulverized product. If the high fineness is excessively pursued, the mill output is significantly reduced. According to our experience, the fineness of the modified Raymond mill should be positioned at 600-800 mesh. 4R Raymond mill modified product (calcite) fineness can be steplessly regulated between 325 and 1000 mesh, 800 mesh output is 400kg / h, 600 mesh output can reach 600kg / h.
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