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Description: What are the reasons that affect the failure of Raymond mill gears?
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What are the reasons that affect the failure of Raymond mill gears?
First, the special working environment of Raymond mill, in the production process, the gear transmission environment is relatively harsh, after being affected by dust particles, it is easy to cause serious gear pollution. And if the lubricating oil in the gear transmission part is not added in time, it is easy to cause the gear transmission of the equipment to fail.
Second, after the gear transmission is operated for a period of time, the axes of the pinion and the classifying drum are not parallel, resulting in local engagement of the gears. Moreover, the gear is unevenly stressed during the whole production process, which easily causes the gear shaft to bend. In addition, the gear transmission material is not uniform, and particles, entrainments, and the like are apt to exist, and the surface stress is excessively large, causing a broken tooth.
Third, there is stress on the Raymond mill gear. When the gear enters the meshing, the surface is prone to crack under the excessive stress. Moreover, during the operation of the gear, the high pressure generated by the contact pressure enters the crack at a very high speed, and at the same time, the crack of the gear cover closes the crack, so that the oil pressure in the crack is further improved.
Fourth, in the transmission, the load on the pair of single teeth of the gear is greatly prolonged, which is also the reason for the rapid wear of the gear. At the same time, some impurities and floating matter in the air enter between the meshing faces of the gears, causing wear.
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