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gold ore crusher is a common type of roller crusher, its structure is relatively simple, flexible, crushing efficiency is relatively high, so get the user unanimously approved, this paper mainly on the structure of the device in detail.The gold ore crusher consists of a rotating roller and a jaw plate. The toothed bushings are bolted on the roll core, and the toe is extended forward like an eagle, and the bush is worn out. The rollers face the jaws and the jaws hang on the mandrel. Wearable liner. The jaws are pulled by means of two rods by means of a spring pressure on the frame to keep the jaw plate at a distance from the roller. The roller shaft is supported on a bearing mounted on both side walls of the frame. Only the rollers are rotated during operation. The blocks are fed from the hopper and are squeezed between the jaws and the rollers and subjected to the impact and splitting of the tips Action and crush. In case of broken pieces fall, the resulting force will make the spring compression, jaw plate to leave the roller and increase the discharge mouth, so that broken objects to avoid damage to the mechanical parts. The flywheel is mounted on the roller shaft to balance the kinetic energy of the crusher.The gold ore crusher is actually a combination of the jaw crusher and the roller crusher, thus having the characteristics of the two crushers, which are also known as jaw roll crushers. The gold ore crusher has a larger inlet and the other surfaces of the rollers are equipped with different broken racks. When large pieces of material are fed, the higher racks clamp the large pieces of material and use the splitting and impact Crush it, and then fall to the bottom, and then further broken by the smaller teeth to the required size. In a crusher, there are pre-shredded areas and secondary crushing zone, it can be used for coarse crushed material, and broken relatively large, the block by the teeth on the tooth toggle and unloading machine, it is forced discharge , Crushing the wet material does not cause ore crusher should be used to crush hard or soft materials, such as limestone, hard clay and coal blocks. When the material is relatively wet (such as soil limestone, etc.), its crushing effect than the use of jaw crusher and cone crusher are good, especially for broken pieces of clay material, compared with the jaw or cone crusher, In terms of performance and compact body have advantages. In addition, the specifications of gold ore crushers are expressed by roller diameter and length.
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