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SBM Heavy Industries not only provides users with excellent quality and high performance sand making equipment, but also provides users with a series of warm and thoughtful services such as pre-sale, mid-sale and after-sale, which can effectively solve the problems encountered by users in time, Reduce equipment downtime in operation, make the user's production more secure, continuous and efficient. Features of Sand Making Machine manufacturers quality of equipment is very affordable, in the development of prices, will be in different regions of the topography, market competitiveness and economic development level of a detailed investigation, the final price set by the user is generally acceptable, but For the user to save a lot of upfront investment, to maximize their profits.Sand mainly by the host machine, transmission and motor and other components. The motor is placed straight, supported by the brackets and rotated by a v-belt driven spindle in a fixed direction. Sanding machine host includes a cover, cylinder, spindle and base and other components. The cylinder is divided into upper and lower two ends, the upper part of the upper cylinder is connected with the cover, the lower part of the lower cylinder is connected with the base, the cylinder is composed of two halves, half is a cylinder shell, the other half is a door, , After the hinge and bolt together, easy to repair time points open, the door frame sealed rubber strip, the cylinder wall with upper and lower back plate, do not surround the upper and lower rotor, and the rotor insist on a certain gap . The spindle of the sand making machine is equipped with a big pulley and two rotors. The two rotors are located in the center of the barrel. Each rotor body is equipped with a main hammer on the circumference of the rotor. The top of the upper rotor is also equipped with a secondary hammer. There are two feeding openings in the upper part of the cover, one discharge opening in the lower part of the base, two spherical roller bearings supporting the main shaft and a thrust spherical roller bearing, which are separated from the center of the cover and the base.Different sand making machine manufacturers of its size and strength is certainly not the same, those large-scale, strong manufacturers must be direct-sales manufacturers, such manufacturers can produce their own sales of equipment, and the corresponding sand production equipment and equipment The cost of sales will be very low, of course, the price will be set much lower; and those who do not have a small factory own factories are middlemen, brokers set the price of equipment is very high, because middlemen rely on equipment prices to earn profitable. Sand making different manufacturers of their production equipment technology is certainly not the same, more powerful manufacturers of production equipment more advanced technology, the production process of waste is also very small, so sand making machine production costs will be very Low, of course, the price is also set a lot lower; on the contrary, the production process is relatively backward manufacturers of equipment costs are higher, of course, the price will be set high.
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