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Description: Counterattack broken will help optimize the stone shape
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"The infrastructural works are still being carried out in an orderly manner. Large amounts of sand and gravel are needed. There is also a lot of material in the vicinity. However, because of poor grain shape, the price is 65 tons a tonne faster than 38 tons a tonne. In addition, From a further location to pull high-quality materials to neutralize. "This is a user to talk about the equipment, throughout the conversation, he repeatedly stressed the grain must be met.In fact, solve the grainy problem is not difficult, is the use of PF counterattack broken processing. PF Stone Crushing Equipment is a professional stone production equipment, it has 2-3 crushing chamber. Each material into the crushing chamber will be crushed by the board hammer smash, then have the kinetic energy of the material will once again hit the counterattack again broken. The impact of multiple angles on the granular optimization of stone obvious effect, through the multiple crushing cavity in turn with the smaller particle size of the material, the particle shape becomes better.PF counter-breaking advantage:1. Broken high efficiency, low energy consumption, usually 0.5-1.3kW • h / t. Due to the impact strength of the material less than 10 times the compressive strength, so the counterattack broken than the jaw crusher saves energy 1/3, than the roller crusher saves energy 1 / 2-4 / 5.2. Broken ratio, generally about 20, the highest up to 50-60, or even larger, thus reducing the number of broken segments, streamline the production process, save investment and reduce the user's cost of investment.3. Simple structure, small size, light weight, counterattack broken installation of the requirements of the foundation is not very harsh, and the operation and routine maintenance is very convenient, so that the workload greatly reduced.4 has the characteristics of selective crushing, that is, the density of the material after crushing small size; small density material crushing large size, is conducive to mineral sorting.5. Broken products of uniform size, most of the cube-shaped, and the product particles strength, and then there are few micro-cracks, it is more appropriate to use broken building materials.Counterattack Broken Hard Rock Crush encountered, the wear will be very large. Therefore, the most suitable for limestone stone processing, but if you encounter such as hard rock granite, it is recommended multi-stage crushing, counterattack broken as plastic equipment applications.
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