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Description: I just joined this site and noticed there wasn't a group for teen writers like myself. So, please join and have fun; Ages 13-18 I guess =]
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Georgeyofthetrumpets   Georgeyofthetrumpets wrote
on 3/21/2017 9:03:47 AM
Hello, I'm Georgey and I'm new to this site and have just joined this group. I'm looking for fellow teen writers to give me feedback/constructive criticism and advice on my writing. I've had many people tell me my writing is wonderful, but I lack personal confidence.

meshel26   meshel26 wrote
on 11/4/2012 5:09:10 PM
Hi I think this is a cool group! Any thoughts on my newest story? http://www.writingroom.com/viewwriting/meshel26/Georgia-Bound

lovelaugh_write   lovelaugh_write wrote
on 10/1/2010 9:41:22 PM
Hi, I'm Jessa. I just joined and I think this is a cool idea. It's neat to be able to talk about writing with my peers:)

MoeP   MoeP wrote
on 4/8/2010 8:50:06 PM
hey.! thanks to everyone who joined.! tell more people to join.! heres a piece i would love to share with you guys to keep you entertained : I woke up to the dark night outlining your perfect silhouette. The electrifying thrill of your touch shocked through my body as you laid you hand on top of mine. We walked into the distant sunlight, your whispering my name and whimpers escaping my mouth when you told me you had to leave. I told you of a dream I had. I was drowning and as I struggled for the surgace of the ocean, I came up without you. Youw ere holding my hand while I tried to remember the pain I experienced in my night without you. When I finally found you, the air escaped my lungs and we held on to each other as the currents carried us to shore. You let go of my hand and turned to face me. There was a silent pause and I waited for the words to escape your perfect lips. "Tell me everything's gonna be ok" you asked of me, cupping my face into your large hands. I told you that you were going to come home to me- unharmed, I just knew it. As you wrote to me, you told me about a nightmare you had. You were running through the fields, escaping the deadly paths of your enemies bullets when you saw me. Standing there, I held out my hand to grab you but you couldn't reach. I drifted away and at this part, the ink spread on the paper- while you tried to remember the pain you experienced when I left you. When you finally found me I was standing there, waiting for you to return home to me.

JmlB   JmlB wrote
on 3/11/2010 12:07:24 PM
hey my name is Josie - i just joined because i thought it would be nice like you said to meet new people my age who share the same intrests check out my page - it tells you everything there~! Josie

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