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Description: Ultrafine mill in the silicon powder industry play a significant role
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A non-metallic element, is a semiconductor material, the main raw material for solar cells. Can also be used to make semiconductor devices and integrated circuits. Formerly known as "silicon." Crystalline silicon belongs to the atomic crystal, hard and shiny, with semiconducting properties. The structure of silicon is similar to that of diamond, which is a regular tetrahedron structure. Silicon chemical properties more lively, at high temperatures with oxygen and other elements combined, do not dissolve in water, nitric acid and hydrochloric acid, soluble in hydrofluoric acid and lye, for making alloys such as ferrosilicon, silicon steel, etc., single crystal Silicon is an important semiconductor material used in the manufacture of high-power transistors, rectifiers, solar cells and the like. Silicon is widely distributed in nature, about 27.6% in the crust, mainly in the form of silica and silicate. In the crust, the content of silicon is second only to oxygen in all the elements, ranking second.Silica after crusher, ultrafine mill or micronized machine processing, for example, quartz sand can be used for the production of glass raw materials, after milling can be used for Portland cement production, processing of silica powder requires the full support crusher and micronizer, In view of the widespread use of silica fume in various industries, the production and processing of various types of silica fume powder machine products began to appear more and more market demand.Micron processing of silica into flour in many industries play a crucial role: for example, metallurgical industry, glass industry, construction industry, chemical industry, etc., silicon material is the country's development of new energy industry, an important basis for functional materials, its "Chaoyang, basic, strategic" is very prominent. After nearly 50 years of development, China's silicon industry has now formed a high-tech industry with many enterprises, complete product range, high correlation with other industries, and great potential for development and market prospects.High-quality silica powder is inseparable from the high-quality micro-powder machine, "Twelve Five-Year" period in the country to promote the development of the silicon industry at the same time, closely related with the production of silica fume powder machine industry has a good opportunity for rapid development.
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