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Description: VSI sand making machine can meet the railway bridge stone and aggregate fineness requirements
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Road and bridge railway sand aggregates are divided into massive stone and aggregate stone. Block stones are called stone materials and granular stone is called aggregate. They are classified as coarse aggregate, gravel, pebbles, fine aggregates such as sandstone, and stone. Crumbs. The stones used in the construction of roads and bridges are bounded by the size of the grain size, and the aggregates are usually divided into coarse aggregates and fine aggregates; in asphalt mixtures, the boundaries are 2.36mm and bounded by 5mm in cement concrete. VSI sand machine can process all kinds of sandstone aggregate for construction, and the fineness of the finished product can be adjusted evenly. VSI's new type of sand making machine is also called vertical axis impact type sand making machine, and it has many advanced functions such as gravel, sand making and stone shaping. VSI Sand Making Machine plays a very important role in the processing technology of road sand and aggregate in railway sand aggregates.The gravel aggregate processed by the VSI sand making machine is in line with the requirements for road and bridge construction. The materials commonly used in the construction of roads and bridges, whether cement or concrete, are inseparable from gravel materials, and are required for the construction of roads and bridges. The sand and gravel materials are loose aggregates obtained by crushing machinery or natural weathering of the crust surface rocks, but generally the bridge construction is not applicable to natural rock aggregates, on the one hand, the limitation on the amount of natural rock aggregates, and the other On the one hand, the natural granules do not have the gravel granules processed by an artificial crusher more in line with the needs of construction. VSI's new sand making machine is specially designed for highways, high-speed railways, high-rise buildings, municipal construction, hydropower dam construction and concrete mixing stations to provide high-quality sand aggregates. It is the preferred sand making machine for artificial sand and stone shaping.Asphalt mixture must use fine powders such as limestone and other alkaline rocks, and the quality of ore powder should meet the requirements of ordinary hot mix asphalt mixture for ore powder. Such as basalt, sandstone, granite and other stones, the general fine aggregate is the use of special sand making machine - VSI new sand making machine to make it into the use of machine-made sand.The construction of roads and bridges is generally divided into a surface layer structure, a base layer structure, and a cushion structure, and each layer is inseparable from the sand aggregate material. The strength, hardness, stability, and durability of the road surface are all determined by the sandstone mixture. In particular, the cushion needs gravel-mechanical sand or gravel mixes and binders to reduce the deformation of the roadbed.
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