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Description: The working principle of the new vertical mill
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The new Vertical Roller Mill can transport the large raw materials to the required feed size, and then transport the materials to the storage bin by the bucket elevator, and then send them to the grinding chamber of the main machine through the electromagnetic feeder. The material in the grinding chamber is ground between the grinding roller and the grinding ring, and the powder after the powder is taken by the fan airflow to the analyzer to classify, and the fine powder reaching the fineness standard is sent into the large cyclone collector through the airflow. The product is collected separately and discharged through the unloader.

The main machine operation process is carried out by means of a branching device to drive the central axis to roll. The upper end of the shaft is connected with the plum blossom frame, and the frame is equipped with a grinding roller to form a swing fulcrum, which not only surrounds the center, but also rotates the roller around the grinding ring. During the same process of the blade and the grinding roller, the material shovel is fed between the grinding roller and the grinding ring to form a cushion layer, and the material layer is crushed by the grinding roller to generate an outward centrifugal force (ie, pressing force) to crush the material. , thus reaching the milling intention.

The profiler rotates through the speed-regulating motor and drives the blades on the turntable through the secondary deceleration to form a classification effect on the powder. The speed of the blade rotation speed is adjusted according to the particle size of the product. When it is necessary to obtain finer particles, it is necessary to improve the rotation speed of the blade, so that the touch of the leaf and the powder is increased, so that the undesired powder is thrown away from the airflow by the blade, and the coarse particles fall into the grinding due to the effect of gravity. The chamber is reground, and the qualified powder is sucked into the large cyclone collector through the airflow. After the airflow and the powder are separated, the powder is collected. The large cyclone collector plays an important role in the performance of the mill. The effect is that when the powder airflow enters the collector, it is a high-speed rotation condition. After the airflow and the powder are separated, the airflow and the powder are separated, and the airflow moves to the cone bottom when the cone wall shrinks toward the center (from the natural length of the airflow). A rotating airflow cylinder, at which point the powder is collected.

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