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Description: Analysis of the cone crusher in the stress
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The cone crusher is an important ore dressing equipment with relatively large body shape. During its operation, the wear of the parts will seriously affect the vibration stability of the Cone crusher in germany, and at the same time, the machine will be in a state of forced vibration for a long time, which will seriously affect the crusher. Safe to run. The study found that the disturbance is an important factor affecting the forced vibration of the crusher. Let us analyze it here.According to the angular velocity vector diagram of the crusher cone of the crusher, due to the structural characteristics of the crusher cone support device, the crushing cone not only rotates with the eccentric hole of the eccentric bushing around the center line of the machine, but also rotates around its own axis, which is the crushing cone. This kind of movement is called regular movement. Since the center of mass of the crushing cone is not on the center line of its rotation, it is necessary to generate inertial force and moment of inertia during operation. This force acts on the frame as a periodic dynamic load that causes the vibration of the frame and the deflection of the eccentric bushing. When the crusher makes regular movements, it periodically reacts to the frame sleeve and the spherical bearing during no-load, which causes the harmful vibration of the frame machine and the eccentric bushing to be deflected and cannot work normally.The counterweight of the large bevel gear of the cone crusher is to eliminate the inertial force and the moment of inertia of the direction change caused by the Cone Crusher. Due to the limitation of the size of the crusher, the inertial force of the crushing cone cannot be completely eliminated. Therefore, when the crushing cone rotates, a large unbalanced inertial force is generated. This unbalanced inertial force is caused by the crusher frame and the basic vibration. Disturbance. That is, the disturbance of the crusher is the unbalanced inertial force generated when the crusher's crushing cone rotates around the central axis. Vibration analysis under disturbance. The vibration of the machine can be divided into two types: free vibration and forced vibration. The body and foundation of the crusher are constantly excited by the outside world, and there is always disturbance during the whole vibration process, so it is a typical forced vibration.
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