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Description: How to improve the production capacity of cone crusher?
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The cone crusher is widely used in metallurgy, construction, mining, quarry and other industries. It can crush all kinds of ore and rock above medium and medium hardness. For the production capacity and performance of cone crusher, Shanghai ZENITH Xiaobian Remind a few small points and hope to help everyone:
1. The lower part of the discharge port of the Cone crusher to the upper part of the conveyor belt should be observed and cleaned regularly, and keep it unobstructed. In particular, it should prevent foreign matter from clogging in the lower part of the dust-proof ring, because the discharge of the discharge port will also cause the car to be boring;
2. The specifications of the conveyor belt should be compatible with the maximum processing capacity of the crusher;
3. Appropriately select the specifications of the sieves for pre-screening and closed-screen screening, and correctly select the equipment specifications and cavity types for the feed size of the crushed materials;
4. The ratio of feedstock particle size is appropriate. The fine material in the feedstock that is smaller than the discharge port exceeds 10% of the crusher production capacity, which will reduce the production capacity of the crusher. The current and load of the machine will increase significantly, and even cause boring. ;
5. In the 360 ​​degree range of the crushing cavity, the cavity is evenly fed. The cone is broken in the work, and the feeding should be uniform. If the feeding is uneven, the production capacity will decrease and the product size will be too large. And the fixed plate (rolling wall) is easy to cause eccentric wear, uneven thickness and reduce the service life;
6, to full-load production, that is, the cone is full of cavity production, otherwise the product size will be too thick;
7. The temperature of the lubricating oil should not be too high or too low, otherwise it will affect the operation of the machine;
8, the drive belt installation can not be too tight, otherwise it will cause early bearing wear, the drive shaft is not flexible or broken, it can not be too loose, otherwise it will cause the Quarry crusher to suffocate;
9. During operation, it is necessary to observe whether the voltage, current, oil temperature and oil pressure are normal and record accurately on time;
10. The ditch of the moving plate (rolling wall) and the fixed plate (broken wall) should be cut off in time;
11. In order to ensure the product granularity, the discharge clearance must be adjusted according to the degree of wear of the tooth plate, and adjusted according to the operation requirements.
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