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Description: SBM cone crushing equipment technical performance is further improved
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The technical performance of the SBM cone crushers is further improved, using advanced hydraulic technology, which is more efficient and safer. In the configuration of the equipment, hydraulic starting devices, hydraulic adjusting devices, hydraulic safety systems, hydraulic transmission devices, and the like are added.The hydraulic cone crusher has support according to the upper and lower ends of the main shaft, can withstand the crushing force of iron ore and larger stroke, and the special crushing cavity shape suitable for the lamination principle makes the broken iron ore have higher crushing. Efficiency, after the equipment is upgraded, the crushing stroke, crushing speed and crushing cavity shape are combined to produce iron ore, which is 35%~60% higher than that of the old-fashioned cone. The stone is reduced and the grain size is more uniform. The new cone crusher overcomes the contradiction between the output and fineness of the traditional cone crusher, adopts the medium-fine crushing replacement and the laminating crushing principle of various cavity rows, so that the proportion of cubes in the broken finished product is obviously increased, and the needle-like stones are reduced. The grain size is more uniform and the output is stable, which fully meets the production needs.Iron ore processing generally includes exploration, mining, head breaking, second breaking, screening, fine crushing, dry selection, transportation and other processes. Iron ore crushing is particularly important. The finer ore size that usually enters the dry selection, the iron ore is included. The higher the proportion of dry selection, the most economical production method, the maximum dry iron ore dressing rate, and many types of fine crushing equipment, such as impact crusher, jaw crusher, etc. Different, the applicable links have limitations. The new cone crusher overcomes many difficulties and is used for the fine effect of iron ore fine crushing. The hydraulic Cone crusher in germany is optimized in combination with the speed, stroke and crushing cavity type to achieve inter-granular lamination crushing, which significantly increases the output and greatly improves the shape of the product.SBM heavy work is a professional crusher equipment and mineral processing equipment manufacturer. The main products are roller crusher, jaw crusher, impact crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher, etc., to provide more efficient customers. High-quality crushing equipment products and sincere and perfect services have made greater contributions to the development of crusher equipment industry in China.
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