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Description: Analysis of Multipurpose Use of Recycled Aggregate from Construction
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With the booming development of new construction projects such as replacement of old houses and road construction in recent years, the volume of construction waste is rising at an unprecedented rate, which brings considerable pressure on the rapid development of cities. Scientific treatment of construction waste has also become a hot topic of nationals in recent years. In general, the most scientific and practical treatment method is to crush construction waste using crusher equipment and recycle it.As early as in developed countries, the utilization rate of construction waste has reached more than 98%, but the domestic recycling of construction waste began to emerge in the recent two years. In order to improve the comprehensive utilization rate of construction waste, mining machinery enterprises continue to introduce advanced technologies in the upgrading and research and development of construction waste crusher equipment to keep abreast of developed foreign countries. For example, SBM Mining Equipment Co., Ltd. has been continuously innovating and developing efforts Construction waste crushing equipment, comprehensive utilization up to one hundred percent.However, because of the difference of granularity of the broken materials, the scope of the recycled aggregate is different. According to the analysis, recycled materials of 0-2.5 mm can be used as the main raw material of plastering mortar or instead of river sand; recycled materials of 0-4.5 mm can be used as main raw materials for bricklaying mortar; and recycled materials of 2.5 / 4.5-10 mm The main raw material for brick making; 10-32 mm recycled material: used as road building material; recycled materials larger than 32 mm can be re-crushed into crushers or used to fill embankments and continue to serve infrastructure and other industries.SBM has made a significant contribution to the reuse of construction waste recycled aggregates. It not only finds suitable shelter for a large amount of construction waste, but also reduces the construction industry's exploitation of natural gravel by effective recycling so as to ease the already scarce natural resources The heavy pressure on. After the construction rubbish is processed by the special crusher equipment, its performance is more stable and reliable compared with that of the construction rubbish. It is also safer for the construction of housing roads and makes an important contribution to the environmental protection and the sustainable development of the domestic economy.
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