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Description: Details that are easily overlooked during installation of a small construction waste shredder
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The small-scale construction garbage crusher is one of the most commonly used equipment in mine mining, but the installation of a small-scale construction waste crusher has many details that are easily overlooked, such as the installation of horns, and the use of the seat-slurry method.Small construction waste grinder horn installationAs the small-scale construction waste crusher belongs to high-speed vibrating machinery, its foundation should be separated from other foundations or be a vibration source isolation measure. When reviewing the foundation before installation, it was found that the elevation of the foundation was different and the inclination was large. If the pad is placed directly on this basis, the horizontality of the pad cannot be guaranteed, and the contact area between the pad and the bottom surface of the device cannot be achieved. Even if the foundation is leveled and the level is guaranteed, it must be ensured that the 32-paid foundation is at the same level and it is difficult to operate. In addition, the contact area between the bottom surface of the pad and the base surface is small, and the equipment is operated for a certain period of time. The elevation and level of the equipment must be changed, which deteriorates the running status of the equipment. The installation of large-scale rotary equipment requires relatively strict requirements for the horns. The quality of the product will directly affect the service life of the equipment and the vibration of the equipment after it is turned. Even the production of small-scale construction waste grinders will increase in production. Therefore, the installation of horns is a crucial part of the quality of equipment installation.Seat installationThrough consulting relevant materials and construction drawings, and discussing with the technical personnel of the project supervisor, the company decided to use the backboard floor method to embed the bottom plate, and then use the non-shrink grouting material to inject the foundation and equipment. Blocking method---Simply put the concrete mortar between the horn and the foundation to achieve the purpose of installing the horn and improve the installation quality of the horn. In the case of a seat, measure the levelness of the floor with a spirit level and measure the elevation above each floor with a level meter to ensure that the elevation of each floor is the same. This can also reduce the number of layers of the pad, using only a bottom plate and a diagonal pad. Block mortar mortar is made of sand, pebbles, cement, and water. The mix ratio is an important part of the seat-slurry construction method, and the mix ratio has a direct impact on the construction quality of the seat-slurry method. The cement of the seat-slurry method uses non-shrinkage cement and high-grade cement.
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