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Description: Is the debris sorting device useful for the construction waste crusher production line?
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There are many sundries in construction waste, such as scrap iron, wood, glass and waste plastics, especially scrap steel and scrap iron wire in reinforced concrete. Therefore, it is necessary to recycle construction waste. For the price of a specific small mobile construction waste crusher, Xi'an construction waste subsidy is not mentioned here. Because there are a lot of debris in the construction waste, the construction waste crusher production line needs to be equipped with a debris sorting device to eliminate the influence of scrap steel and scrap wire on the performance of recycled concrete aggregate.
The debris sorting device equipped with the general construction waste crusher production line is a de-ironing device. It is recommended to use a suspended self-unloading iron remover. It is not recommended to use a manual iron remover for cost saving. The reasons are as follows: First, the iron content in construction waste is relatively high. Many, the manual type iron remover needs to be powered off for manual processing at intervals, which takes manpower and time. Secondly, the dust content of construction waste is high, which will affect the magnetic field strength and iron removal capacity of the iron remover. The suspended dump iron remover has large magnetic permeability and strong suction force. It has the characteristics of dustproof, rainproof and corrosion resistant. Reliable operation in extremely harsh environments.
The construction waste is also mixed with light materials such as bamboo wood, plastics, and woven fabrics. The construction waste crusher production line can separate these light components by sorting equipment to improve the purity of recycled materials and the reuse rate of construction waste. Commonly used are horizontal wind sorters and vertical wind sorters.
As can be seen from the above, the debris sorting device is useful for the construction waste crusher production line. If the user's funds are limited and the processing scale is small, a simple structure and low cost fan can be selected as the simple sorting device. However, when there is a large amount of soil in the construction waste, the single-use wind opportunity affects the environment of the work area. It is recommended to use a horizontal wind sorter or a horizontal air flow sorter according to the requirements of the recycled materials.
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