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Description: SBM mobile crushing station meets the development direction of construction waste
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At present, when China treats construction waste, the way that is consistent with sustainable development is to recycle the reused construction waste, and to use it in the pavement base course, building materials field, etc., and to produce concrete bricks and concrete blocks. The acceleration of the urbanization process requires us to invest more in construction waste crusher and apply them effectively.The mobile crushing plant produced by SBM Heavy Industries is a crushing equipment for the treatment of construction waste. It has the following advantages:Easy to moveThe customer can open the construction waste mobile crushing station to the construction site according to their own actual needs. After completion, the customer can directly go to the next site and do not need to build additional auxiliary facilities to solve the transportation problem.Multi-level combinationThe mobile crushing station can select jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher and the like according to the crushing material, and the selectivity is more flexible, and the work can be performed at any time and place.Simple processOrdinary crusher reaches the construction waste crusher cavity of the crusher. The feeder and the crusher are transported by a belt conveyor placed on the surface of the crusher, and the crusher and feeding device of the crushing station to which the mobile crushing station belongs. The machine is closely adjacent to each other and does not require the transmission of the conveyor. The raw material of the mine surface is directly transferred to the feed inlet of the crusher by electroplating, and the raw material is injected into the crusher at a fixed speed, which not only reduces the The necessary processes also speed up production and save costs.What the SBM mobile crushing station “eats” into is construction waste such as bricks and concrete blocks. What spits out is a recycled building aggregate that can replace natural sand and gravel. It is a construction waste crusher that is in line with the current sustainable development strategy. .SBM mobile crushing station can not only be used for the crushing of construction waste, but also can be used on site for construction site access and foundation backfill on the spot. It can also be used to raise reinforced concrete in the site. It is a multi-purpose machine and is your ideal crushing equipment.
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