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Description: What characteristics of the material have an impact on the construction waste crusher?
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When working on a construction waste crusher, the effect of the crushing is not only related to the performance of the equipment itself, but also to the operation process. It is also related to the nature of the feed. Here is an introduction of which properties of the material will affect The production process of the machine.

For the materials processed by the construction waste crusher, its properties mainly include hardness, humidity, density, size and dissociation. These aspects have different effects on the production of the machine. Some of these aspects are introduced below. The specific impact of the impact of machine production.

1. Material hardness is also what we call compressive strength. In the beneficiation process, it is used to divide the grade of ore. Generally speaking, the greater the hardness, the stronger its strength, and the processing of construction waste crusher. The difficulty will be relatively large, so the efficiency of the equipment will be relatively low in the production, the wear of the internal parts will be more serious, and vice versa, the equipment efficiency and long life;

2, the humidity of the material, in general, the material humidity itself has little effect on the equipment, but if the material contains more mud and fine ore, the fine material will form a mass or stick to the coarse particles due to the increase of humidity. Upper, thereby increasing the viscosity, reducing the mine discharge speed of the construction waste crusher, and reducing the production capacity. When it is serious, it will cause the discharge port to be blocked and affect the normal production;

3, the density of materials, in general, the production capacity of construction waste crusher is proportional to the density of ore, the same crusher, when crushing high density ore, the production capacity is high, and vice versa;

4. The dissociation of materials, the degree of dissociation of ore directly affects the production capacity of construction waste crushers. Because the ore is broken, it is easy to rupture along the dissociation surface, so the ore with developed disintegration surface is broken, and the production capacity of equipment More ore than the compact structure of the crusher;

5, the size of the material, the coarse material in the broken material (larger than the size of the discharge port) and the ratio of the maximum mass of the ore to the width of the ore is large, the required crushing ratio is large, so the production capacity decreases, and vice versa. , the production capacity is high;

The article mainly introduces which characteristics of materials have an impact on the construction waste crusher? The analysis of this problem is more detailed, mainly in five aspects, namely the hardness, humidity, density, size and dissociation of the materials. Then, these aspects are introduced in detail to ensure that these aspects meet the requirements of the equipment. Production went smoothly.

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