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Description: How to prevent the damage of wearing parts of construction waste crusher
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What is a construction waste crusher? It is simply a machine used to pulverize construction waste. The so-called construction waste is what we commonly refer to as abandoned building concrete, as well as masonry, etc. Usually, people think that the use of construction waste itself is of little value, but after it is crushed by pulverizers like abandoned building concrete and masonry, it can be renewed. The production of building materials such as concrete, floor tiles, and wallboard can be applied to the base of highway pavements.At the same time, it also saved a large amount of landfills, avoided the destruction of the soil, and effectively protected the environment. With these two points, the construction waste shredder has become an environmental guard for the machinery industry.First, each time before starting construction of the garbage crusher, it is necessary to carry out the idle load operation, and to check whether there is any leakage phenomenon or other abnormal phenomena on the next line to prevent damage to the wearing parts.Second, the operator should regularly inject new oil into the vulnerable parts of construction waste to maintain the lubricity of wearing parts, and it is also necessary to replace the butter when it is critical.Third, the crusher is the most easily damaged part of the construction waste crusher. In the crushing process, if the material is mixed with other iron and impurities, it will accelerate the damage of the blade, so install a filter at the feed port. Net, sieve the material out.Fourth, if you want to extend the use of construction waste crusher wearing time, an effective way is to ensure the stability of the voltage at work, can not be ups and downs, but also to avoid long-term overload operation of the equipment.The maintenance method of the construction waste crusher wearing parts is introduced here for everyone. Knowing these methods can greatly reduce the damage rate of the accessories and reduce the cost for the users. At the same time, it also achieves the output. A certain standard.
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