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Description: Brief description of crusher equipment update maintenance
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There are three general forms of repair work for crushing machinery: after-the-fact repair, preventive maintenance, and immediate repair. In the early 20th century, the repair of broken machinery was generally carried out after the failure of the crusher (ie after-the-fact repair). Its great advantage is to make full use of the service life of the crusher parts and achieve the great efficiency of the gravel crushers. However, a large amount of construction time was also delayed, and the work delay caused by the shutdown maintenance brought a lot of inconvenience to the construction unit.
In the past 30 years, with the continuous advancement of various technologies, especially the rapid development of computer science, based on the prevention-oriented maintenance concept, the use of modern management science, widely used real-time testing and diagnostic tools, has gradually formed an instant Centered maintenance concept. Instant maintenance is a new and reasonable maintenance method based on the development of modern science and technology. With the continuous improvement of crusher product technology, the new crusher equipment adopts new scientific and technological achievements, and is put on the market after the detection of modern test instruments. The comprehensive performance of the equipment has been improved qualitatively. The previous traditional experience analysis has been difficult. The use and loss conditions are known in time. The operation and maintenance needs of the crusher must also be checked and maintained by new and updated equipment to minimize subjective blindness.
In addition to the crusher use customers, there are also a large number of crusher machine. After the crusher is inspected and put into use, the factory will set up a file for testing the stability of the equipment, which is convenient for later analysis. There are statistics on usage statistics. On this basis, the crusher plant manages the crusher equipment in a timely manner, from the original performance of the crusher to the use of the crusher, up to the replacement of the crusher, and has a complete set of inspection and tracking data. At the same time of performance testing, it helps customers to better use the equipment.
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