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Description: Operation jaw crushers need to pay attention to matters
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The structure of the jaw crusher is mainly composed of frame, eccentric shaft, large pulley, flywheel, moving jaw, side guards, brackets, rear bracket, reclining screw, reset spring, fixed jaw plate and flowing jaw plate , Which also play a role in the brackets. Then in the operation of what details need to pay attention to it, today we for everyone in detail:1, jaw crusher must be no load start. After the start of the crusher if the abnormal percussion, should stop running, identify and eliminate the ills, restart the machine. After a certain period of time after the start, the normal operation can be fired to the mine equipment. The ore to the gold ore crusher should be gradually increased until the full load operation, try to avoid overload.2, in the course of operation, should always pay attention to the lubrication of the lubrication point is normal. Note that the temperature of the bearing, especially the eccentric bearing temperature is not allowed to exceed 600 ° deg. Often check the mine mouth wear, according to the wear and tear to adjust the size of the mine mouth.3, the process of running, but also often pay attention to large ore block jamming the mine mouth, if you have been stuck, to use the hook to flip the ore, to exclude. If the ore blockage of the crushing chamber, should stop the mine, to be finished within the cavity after the broken ore to the mine; if the large ore need to be removed from the crushing chamber must be shut down with a special tool to deal with, is strictly removed from the crushing chamber Ore to avoid accidents.4, the operation must pay attention to even mine, ore not allowed to squeeze crushing chamber. At the same time to the mine to prevent the shovel shovel teeth and drill bits and other non-broken objects into the gold ore crusher. Once found that these non-broken objects into the crushing chamber, and through the machine's discharge port, should immediately notify the belt transport positions in a timely manner, so as not to enter the next section crusher, causing serious equipment accidents.
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