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Description: The development of jaw crusher technology is constantly seeking innovation and reform
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At present, the most widely used jaw crusher produced in China has two forms: the jaw crusher with a simple swinging crank and a double rocker mechanism. Simple pendulum jaw crusher; Jaw crusher with complex swinging crank and rocker mechanism. The former is mostly made into large or medium, and its crushing ratio is 3— 3; The latter is generally made of small and medium-sized, its crushing ratio up to 10. With the development of industrial technology, compound pendulum jaw crusher has been to the development of large-scale, has been adapted to the development needs of various industries.Crusher has been mining, smelting, building materials, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industry and other industries, especially the jaw crusher is the pearl of each industry.But with the development of the society is not broken, the technology of the crusher is constantly innovative, the type is also broken, such as: impact crusher, cone crusher, hammer crusher, impact crusher, on the roll broken. Therefore, the position of hubei jaw crusher is obviously reduced.The scale of social demand for all kinds of metal, non-metal ore and other materials is expanding day by day. Since the 1990s, the annual amount of worn out materials in the world has reached more than 10 billion tons. China's annual production of brittle materials has reached about 1.5 billion tons, most of these materials have to go through the grinding, crushing and grinding engineering in the national economy plays a huge role.Therefore, under the stimulation of various factors, our company has continuously improved and innovated the technology of hubei crusher: optimize the structure and movement track: improve the crushing cavity, in order to increase the crushing ratio, improve the crushing efficiency, reduce wear and tear, reduce energy consumption, has been widely used in high crushing cavity and small Angle; Improve the suspension of the jaw and the support of the lining plate, improve the performance of the crusher. Improve the level of automation (automatic regulation, overload protection, automatic lubrication, etc.).
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