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For non-metallic ore powders, vertical mills have high application value and are mainly used in the milling industry such as limestone powder, calcite and dolomite powder. 325 mesh limestone powder enables high-efficiency milling with a new vertical mill. SBM heavy machine is specialized in manufacturing limestone vertical mill grinding equipment for limestone mill, and has become a favorite limestone production equipment in the market. Moreover, SBM heavy machine scientific customization selection scheme and vertical mill grinding machine price meet Different powder processing needs are ideal equipment for limestone powder to expand market efficiency.
Limestone is a very good material. Limestone has a wide range of applications in industry and in construction. Limestone is produced in many places, and China's limestone resources are also abundant. Limestone is a stone of calcium carbonate, and the chemical formula of limestone is CaCO3. In life, limestone and lime have been used as a building material and as an important industrial raw material in some industries. Limestone can be directly processed into limestone stone, which can be braced to support lime, which is divided into slaked lime and quicklime. Limestone can be used in the industry to make glass. In the food business, it can be changed into calcium salts such as calcium sulfite, calcium nitrate and calcium chloride. In the field of construction, limestone also has good application value in the field of building houses and decoration. For limestone processing, the SBM heavy machine limestone vertical mill is popular and is ideal for the preparation of 80-600 mesh powders.
The performance indexes of the new vertical mill of SBM heavy machine have been greatly improved, and the capacity of the TL type mill with the same power is more than 40%, and the unit power consumption cost is saved by more than 30%. It is focused on limestone. The ideal equipment for milling. For each limestone processing project, the required fineness and productivity are different. Different customers have different milling solutions. SBM heavy machine provides one-to-one product service and develops a unique selection configuration. The price of custom-made scientific limestone mills helps companies increase production and income.
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