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Description: Mobile crushing station allows triple disposal of construction waste
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The mobile crushing station has been growing for six or seven years. It is mainly used in the mining industry and construction waste treatment industry. Under the background of demolition and construction, the mobile crusher is playing an increasingly important role in the construction field. As an important member, it will also attach great importance to the development trend of construction waste disposal in the future. After the construction waste is disposed of, the construction waste can be reused for more than 95% of the construction waste, and become the raw materials for the construction and continue to be used in construction projects.The mobile crushing station enables the construction of solid waste to achieve triple benefits. First, the economic benefits. The construction waste processing line consists of mobile crushing stations. The finished aggregates can replace stone and sand. They are sold well and are particularly suitable for production. New environmentally friendly bricks.Second, environmental benefits, according to the most traditional waste disposal methods, the most commonly used is the accumulation, landfill, which not only takes up the arable land, but also pollutes the environment, so from all aspects, the construction waste into renewable resources It not only saved the environment, but also added more sustainable resources for social development.Third, the social benefits, construction waste that has been treated in mobile crushing stations can generate recycled aggregates, recycled concrete, and fillers, which can not only save the use of raw materials in building materials, but also alleviate the shortage of raw materials such as river sand. .Zhengzhou SBM Machinery is the oldest manufacturer of crushing equipment for mobile crushing plants in China. The company has developed and applied construction waste treatment equipment related products to Zhengzhou, Shenzhen, Xi'an, Guilin, Hebei Xingtai, Jiangyin, Nanjing and Guizhou. And other places. And exported to Nigeria, India, Sri Lanka, Solomon, Algeria, Indonesia, etc., mobile crushing station has achieved economic, social and environmental benefits of the unity.
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