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Description: What waste can the mobile crusher handle?
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Before crushing construction waste, we need to know what wastes we need to break, so that when we choose a Mobile crusher in malaysia, we need to equip some equipment to remove useless waste to achieve maximum resource utilization.Construction waste is generally divided into surplus concrete and construction debris. Residual concrete refers to the concrete that is used in the project and is not used out. Also included for some reason. If the concrete is suspended due to weather changes and is not used in time, we usually use a box-type mobile crusher to process large pieces of concrete. Building scraps include mineral materials such as old concrete mortars produced by plastering. And types of wood paper metal and other scraps. In addition, it also includes waste generated by the decoration of new houses. There are mainly scrap steel wire and various scrap steel parts, metal tube residual scrap, waste bamboo wood, wood chips, packaging materials for various decorative materials. These materials are usually handled by a squatting Mobile Jaw Crushing Plant, which is equipped with a separator, a multi-layer vibrating screen, and the like.Broken bricks are mainly used for building load-bearing and retaining walls. The main reason for the generation of broken bricks is1, the group is not properly cut. The design does not conform to the building modulus or the selection of bricks, such as improper specifications, brick size and shape, and the bricks are not allowed to be caused by other reasons.2. The transportation is damaged. Bricks or bricks designed to use excessive strength grades are inherently of poor quality and contractors are not properly managed. Order too much, etc.3. Mortar is mainly used for masonry and plastering. The main reason for the generation of mortar waste is that it is inevitably scattered during the construction operation, and excessive transportation and scattering are also the causes of mortar waste.4. Concrete is the most important, and building materials are used for foundation. Structural parts such as floor slabs and shear walls. The main causes of concrete waste generated during construction are the scattered, beneficial effects during the pouring, the scattering during transportation, the excessive ordering of commercial concrete, and the suspension of construction for some reason and not used in time.5. Packaging Waste The packaging of various building materials scattered on the construction site is also part of the waste.
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